Africa Leadership Summit

Hebrews 11:10 – The Abrahamic quest for cities with Godly foundations continues in Africa. A quest to abandon secular, humanistic and demonic foundations, in order to establish societies based on Biblical and Godly values.

Africa Leadership Summit is a fellowship of leaders. It focuses on connecting Africa to God’s way, God’s Word and the replication of the Abrahamic mantle for the discipleship of African nations.

The fellowship explores the Abrahamic pattern of leadership (Abrahamic Covenant, principles and blessings), in every sector of society and towards sustainable development in African cities. The Abrahamic mantle captures the authority of father leaders (mothers included) to develop nations according to the original blueprint in heaven. It includes the divine capacity to establish foundations of transgenerational effect in cities and different sectors of society using biblical and modern Israel as a template.

The Fellowship seeks to:

  1. Create a highway of exchange of ideas and business between African communities and Israel. This includes the networking of African business people with Israeli businessmen through matchmaking.
  2. Establish a fellowship of Godly political leadership in every city and nations of Africa
  3. Promote the support of African leaders for Israel.
  4. Create a platform for fellowship and continuous interaction between Africans from different regions and Africans in the diaspora.
  5. Conduct prophetic and prayer tours of the land of Israel. These tours focus on inviting the Lord to accomplish those things which He accomplished in Bible days and more in the cities of Africa. These tours proceed beyond the religious or spiritual to supply a first-hand experience of the growth of the Israeli economy in the villages, towns, and cities within seven decades of the establishment of modern Israel.



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