The Abrahamic Foundation International is set up both to celebrate Abrahamic heritage in Israel and also develop leaders in nation building according to the Abrahamic pattern.


The two main goals of the Foundation are:

  • Promoting Africa-Israel relationship
  • Funding and Promoting Nation Building initiatives and projects

TAFI promotes Africa – Israel relationship through following initiatives among others:

AFRICA LEADERSHIP SUMMIT – a biennial Leadership Summit  in Jerusalem that attracts political, business, church and community leaders across the continent of Africa.

AFRICA-ISRAEL CHAMBER OF COMMERCE – a highway of business and ideas between Africa and Israel

AFRICA CELEBRATES JERUSALEM – a campaign that declares Jerusalem as the eternal capital of the Jewish people and the eternal home of the Christian faith’

BIBLE HOUSE PROJECT – a platform through which Israel is giving opportunity to every nation in the world which has received the Bible to inscribe it in their indigenous languages, in the hand writing of individual participants, and on scrolls specially prepared in Israel.

CITY BUILDERS NETWORK – The Network seeks to link African cities, systems and sectors of society to the Abrahamic Covenant, Mantle and Blessing to facilitate sustainable development

TAFI promotes and funds leadership initiatives and projects through:

The INSTITUTE FOR CHRISTIAN LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT (ICLD), a Christian Faith based non-profit organization that seeks to apply Biblical and Godly principles in the development of society through leadership training, seminars and workshops.


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